Thursday, 30 July 2009

Canterbury Project Physics

Canterbury Project. Physics. Triple Helix Morphology.

Well, it finally came good. Massive shame David, (ex head of molecular science at the NPL) wasn't still around to see it It's simply an extraordinarily different way of thinking, apparently, from the discipline of architecture, that can take a while to learn. I say apparrently because once you're doing it properly it becomes quite normal. It's a bit like being the one in the platoon wearing the night vision goggles, you can easily forget how little you can see without them.

Anyway. It seems we have some answers. Papers being prepared. they probably won't get published as thy follow Popper not Kohn, i.e. I'm afraid they have to challenge some ruling paradigm. I really wish they didn't, but I can't lie. - Which brings us to the fact that Relativity can't handle angular momentum, and when the QFT game is all about spin, that was the problem.

Anyone interested just ask the questions.