Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Latest research trying to falsify the Discrete Field model was on the prediction of terrestrial superluminal motion. Unfortunately this failed again. Nimtz produced significant signal results, including sending some Mozart music and Berkeley followed on, none of which being satisfactorily explained.

At least there's a result in that the model can now properly explain them.

A new flyby test is coming shortly from the latest Rosetti pass. The bow shock mass acceleration and field transition should have varying but measurable effects subject to vector. NASA still say they don't know what's causing it! Bless.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

Unification of Physics, a new model that really works.

Anyone not sure our old physics is all absolutely correct? It seems you're right.

Essay just accepted for the Templeton Foundation 2009 competition, entitled 'Perfect Symmetry'. Go to.

That's a compressed intro to the model, written to adhere to the essay subject, the full Article is also surrepticiously attached to post 5 below it.

Let me know your response. (if you like the essay it needs some votes with good 'ratings'!)

Also read the excellent one about 'Representational Formalism' if you have time.

Peter Jackson

Perfect Symmetry

Go to Essay 'Perfect Symmetry' here and report back.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Black Sheep Physics

Here's an extract from my recent entry on; where there's a lovely discussion on relativity.

I can't spill the beans informally yet but it's a bit frustrating being in this position. To explain I suggested;

Just use Sherlock Holmes famous conclusion;

Lets say I keep a sheep in a field on the Scottish border. One day they were spraying tarmac on the adjacent road and a malfunction sprayed it all over one side of the sheep.

Some highly reputed Physicists, Mathermaticians and Astronomers then passed in a train and all witnessed the 'black' sheep, (though all drew slightly different conclusions about what this proved). They were, at the same time, speaking on their mobiles and waving to another bunch of scientists driving up the road the other side of the field.who all witnessed the white sheep.
At the conference the subject of the sheep came up and a heated argument started about it's colour. I arrived late as I had to clean a ruddy sheep! I ended up putting it in the dip, and it came out all brown! I overhear the argument, listen, and smile.

So; do I tell them with tongue in cheek that they're both wrong and the sheep is brown, which I can conclusively prove by observation, or that they're both right, and how it happened, (which is also entirely inductively and deductively provable). ..Of course I must explain the truth.

I do so. They hardly bother to look me up and down, shake their heads, turn away and carry on the argument.

So here I am, smiling, but wondering about what future of the human race has. If something must be right cos most of their mates agree it is we really have no future! That attitude makes the theory that the true facts will come to the fore rather 'crackpot' itself.

How did it go? - "there are a million crazy ideas in the naked physics city, and, somewhere in there, just one of them is right" Is anybody bothered to look?

Peter J

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Canterbury Project Physics

Canterbury Project. Physics. Triple Helix Morphology.

Well, it finally came good. Massive shame David, (ex head of molecular science at the NPL) wasn't still around to see it It's simply an extraordinarily different way of thinking, apparently, from the discipline of architecture, that can take a while to learn. I say apparrently because once you're doing it properly it becomes quite normal. It's a bit like being the one in the platoon wearing the night vision goggles, you can easily forget how little you can see without them.

Anyway. It seems we have some answers. Papers being prepared. they probably won't get published as thy follow Popper not Kohn, i.e. I'm afraid they have to challenge some ruling paradigm. I really wish they didn't, but I can't lie. - Which brings us to the fact that Relativity can't handle angular momentum, and when the QFT game is all about spin, that was the problem.

Anyone interested just ask the questions.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Speed of Dark

How quickly can you guess who this is?;

I think I'm a perpetual motion machine.

Nothing - and nobody - can go faster than me.

I'm a kalidascope with the whole spectrum of colours.

I have a shaking feeling, changing as I'm stretched & squeezed.

If I squeeze myself up or stretch myself out you'll no longer see me.

I think I'm over 10 billion yrs old, and I've been travelling my whole life.

I have identical clones, spreading out, everywhere in the universe.

I hit, bounce off, go through things but always return to the same speed.

I've spent my life dark and cold, but I'll brighten thing up when I arrive.

I have limitless energy. If I stop in some B-E condensate I can get straight back up to speed in an instant, and keep at that speed exactly come rain or shine, with crowds of others like me going in every direction around me.

I'm both a wave and a particle at the same time. I am a wave bundle, I am light. I am the perpetual paradox, yes, I am a photon.

But where do I get all that energy? you ask, and how do I live on, and keep at exactly the same speed for billions of years without breaking the laws of physics? I have the energy of my zero mass multiplied twice by the speed of light! (E = mc2) = 0. I'm tired out!

Hmmm. Perhaps the energy all comes from the dark energy field itself (that we're told makes up most of the universe). But that means it's the dark energy that controls the speed of our wave functions, all waves, from gamma to radio. Maybe the 'particles' are just localised things.

So what's light got to do with it anyway? Perhaps it would be more accurate to call 'c' the speed of dark!?