Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Black Sheep Physics

Here's an extract from my recent entry on; where there's a lovely discussion on relativity.

I can't spill the beans informally yet but it's a bit frustrating being in this position. To explain I suggested;

Just use Sherlock Holmes famous conclusion;

Lets say I keep a sheep in a field on the Scottish border. One day they were spraying tarmac on the adjacent road and a malfunction sprayed it all over one side of the sheep.

Some highly reputed Physicists, Mathermaticians and Astronomers then passed in a train and all witnessed the 'black' sheep, (though all drew slightly different conclusions about what this proved). They were, at the same time, speaking on their mobiles and waving to another bunch of scientists driving up the road the other side of the field.who all witnessed the white sheep.
At the conference the subject of the sheep came up and a heated argument started about it's colour. I arrived late as I had to clean a ruddy sheep! I ended up putting it in the dip, and it came out all brown! I overhear the argument, listen, and smile.

So; do I tell them with tongue in cheek that they're both wrong and the sheep is brown, which I can conclusively prove by observation, or that they're both right, and how it happened, (which is also entirely inductively and deductively provable). ..Of course I must explain the truth.

I do so. They hardly bother to look me up and down, shake their heads, turn away and carry on the argument.

So here I am, smiling, but wondering about what future of the human race has. If something must be right cos most of their mates agree it is we really have no future! That attitude makes the theory that the true facts will come to the fore rather 'crackpot' itself.

How did it go? - "there are a million crazy ideas in the naked physics city, and, somewhere in there, just one of them is right" Is anybody bothered to look?

Peter J